Wait Wha Episode 3 – Elsa Gate, Matt Lauer, and some Dead Horses

Wait Wha Episode 3

Elsa Gate, Matt Lauer, and some Dead Horses

Were back after a nice Thanksgiving break. We take some shots of 100 proof, and play with our new sound board. We decide to try some whiskeys and liquors on the air from now on, Lake City, Michigan is Shevys Favorite 90’s place even if he’s hungover most of the time he visits. Steve Visits Tennessee and frys some turkey. We theorize that a Highlander Horse that is killing other horses.. “there can be only one” Due to the recent shooting of local horses. We talk about the Homeless Angles owner getting arrested for bogus charges (Sugar Free Grand Theft Audio). We Install a Studio Door Lock Button just like Matt Lauer from the Today Show. We talk about the banned Youtube kids videos from Elsa Gate, which was a bunch of video that showed Elsa, Anna, and Spiderman doing inappropriate, semi sexual things to each other and the perverts that commented on the videos… A guy shits himself after trying to pay for a ticket in change and was then assaulted by the officers in the court. We Start our Hat Game on the show for the first time.

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