Wait Wha Season 2 Episode 1

The boys are back at it again! After a long vacation we are back and ready to make your commute and day even more hilarious, so sit back and listen to Episode 1 of season 2 of the Wait Wha Podcast.

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A few things have changed…
Our loving host Kam has decided to focus on other projects but will always have a place on the cast. To fill the void in our hearts we are now looking for guests to come on for an episode so now is your chance send us an email, tell us about yourself, tell us what you are a expert in or just what you would like to talk about on the podcast, and maybe we can get you on for an episode! We also have changed locations and are now recording from Shevys place in Mason, MI and plan to have episodes out as often as our lives can handle.

Whats in the works?
We are currently looking for more local advertisers, so if your a local business contact us with your details and we will get you a spot on the podcast during our Poop Breaks.
We are also talking to Michigrain Distillery again, and are planning our next live episode, everyone at Michigrain was amazing last time and we look forward to making a visit again soon! This time you are all invited! Details will follow as we figure things out so as always check back often and of course listen to the Podcast.

Also come check out the Rusty Mug in Lansing! Its awesome!! Even if Steve cooks the food on the weekends!

On the episode we talk about nude beach etiquette, Cedar Point Halloweekend (shevy’s in the freak show this year!!), video games (Fortnite & GTA5) movies and more.

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