Wait Wha Season 2 coming soon!

Dear loyal fans,
        We appreciate your understanding and patience during our little vacation. We want to thank you for listening and sending threatening letters and bricks through our studio windows with love notes attached(*cough* Todd!), Yes WE ARE COMING BACK! This time with a new out look on life and our journey through the podcasting world. We plan to bring on guests, and check out more distilleries around the Lansing area. 
As we transition in to Season 2 we would really appreciate your feedback! If you have an idea for a topic, a guest, a liquor, or anything else that you would like us to talk about send us a message on Social media or Email us (all links below) also if you have any suggestions on the show in general let us know. (no more throwing bricks Todd!) Thanks again for everything and stay tuned for SEASON 2!
    – Lovingly yours 
           The Wait Wha crew 


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