Wait Wha Podcast Episode 14 Branch Out

Wait Wha Podcast Episode 14 – “Branch Out”

On this podcast we talk about Kevin Smith and his recent heart attack,
we all love you and wish you the best Kevin! We talk about Stan Lee
misplacing his millions, Stan if you want to give us millions for the
podcast and forget about it we would love you for LIFE! We also talk
about Women getting married to Trees? Let the tree jokes commence! San
Francisco is covered in poop… no really Steve tells us about a app that
tells you which streets not to walk down due to all the homeless peoples
poop! “Why clean it up when we can make a app to help us forget about
it..” that’s the spirit California! We discuss the story of a High school
Transgender wrestler that is trying to do the right thing even though the
school wont let him. This sparks a conversion about the life crisis of
the youth and Identity Politics.

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