Wait Wha Podcast Episode 19 – This podcast is a crime

Episode 19 – This podcast is a crime

On to days episode we talk about Robots taking over the medical industry to conduct their own experiments (in hopes to take over the world and Alexa is the ring leader.) Artificial Intelligence that can track you and can identify thought crimes through micro expressions.. So don’t even think about not subscribing to the Wait Wha Podcast and attending our Facebook Live event April 18th at 7pm EST. (the day this episode comes out!) We also answer some listener questions, talk about some guy that killed his neighbors dog and fed it to him… and of course our new segment “Reddit Confessions” where we learn that beating it to your HOT dentist could get you in trouble if you opt for laughing gas… And and we are attacked and invaded by the stink bug army they stink and they are out for revenge!

Be sure to check out our Facebook Live event for our episode 20 – “Live and Uncircumcised” April 18th at 7 pm est.

April 18th at 7 pm Est. We will be LIVE from Lansing, Michigan’s Michigrain Distillery to sample some great local spirits and review another great local distillery, after we will take you back to the studio for our live and uncircumcised show, ask us some questions and come chat with the hosts. Tell all your friends! Go to the Facebook event and select going! Or be super lame and view it after if you must. We plan to do a special Facebook live every 10 episodes so be sure to stay tuned for details on episode 30!

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