Episode 8 – California! “from politics to Shevy’s dick pics”

Wait Wha Podcast Episode 8 – California! “from politics to Shevy’s dick pics”



We talk about:

The Michigan meteor or was it aliens!! 

We talk about our childhood and Celebrity deathmatch of course.

New California the map says it all… New California Map



Tide pods contrary to popular belief not just for Eating…

Tide Pods




Hawaii’s nuke scare… what would you do?



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Disclaimer: All opinions expressed by the Wait Wha Podcast Hosts are solely their current opinions and do not reflect the opinions of really anyone else, or their respective companies or affiliates or the companies with which the Hosts or guest Participants are affiliated. Really this is a bunch of guys having fun and making fun of things. If we offended you that is your right to be offended, please don’t deny our right to freedom of speech. 

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