Wait Wha Podcast Episode 17 – “Cum Box”

Wait Wha Podcast Episode 17 – Cum Box

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On this episode of the Wait Wha Podcast we try on some LuLaRoe Leggings thanks to our official legging hustler Jenn, she sent the hosts 4 pairs of LuLaRoe Leggings for us to review on the podcast.
LuLaRoe leggings are popular leggings with the ladies that are sold online and in-person from sellers like Jenn. The leggings come in 5 different sizes, of course we have the largest size because of our huge packages… yeah that’s why.
Each LuLaRoe legging dealer has a different inventory, They place a order and have no idea what prints will come to them. So if your looking for some great leggings check out Jenn at facebook.com/lularoejennfreridge for details.

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Are you a seller of a product contact us. Send in a few free samples to review, and we will check it out and give our listeners our honest opinion & advertise you on the podcast.

We talk about some very dark things that happened in the past week in the Lansing area. Joann Fabrics murder / suicide. Kam starts a Non-Profit GAAR (Grandmas Against Assault Rifles).  Shevy attends the Lansing march against gun violence at the capital. We talk about the deadly rubber ducky plague which sparks Steve’s new invention “The Rubber Ducky Dryer.” We discuss a disgusting “Cum Box” that some guy on Reddit admitted to creating.

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