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Latest Episodes

Wait Wha Podcast Episode 15 – Listener questions to win our HUGE sack

Wait Wha Podcast Episode 15 – Listener questions to win our HUGE sack Today on the Wait Wha Podcast we talk about Stephen Hawking’s death, and were probably going...

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Wait Wha Podcast Episode 14 Branch Out

Wait Wha Podcast Episode 14 – “Branch Out” On this podcast we talk about Kevin Smith and his recent heart attack, we all love you and wish you the...

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Episode 13 – It’s a little Moist…

Wait Wha Podcast Episode 13 – It’s a little Moist… Topics Lansing is Flooding! Jail Break for the 6th time??! Bots are taking over Social media! and we all...

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Guns, Guns, & More Guns

Wait Wha Podcast – Episode 12 “Guns, Guns, & More Guns” On this episode we discuss the recent school shooting in Florida and our opinions on guns in the...

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Episode 11 – “Welcome to the Sh*t Show!”

Wait Wha Podcast Episode 11 – “Welcome to the Sh*t Show!”   On episode 11 we talk about: We talk about our great Facebook Live tasting and review Event...

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Episode 10.5 – Our Facebook Live Tasting and Review at Lansing Michigan’s American Fifth Spirits

As a little treat for ourselves for doing 10 episodes, we decided to go to Lansing Michigan’s American Fifth Spirit Distillery, to do a little tasting and review of their...

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